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Chocolate Bouquets

Tempting Choco Treat Chocolate Bouquet
Tempting Choco Treat

Rs. 720  Rs. 600

Bouquet of Goodness Chocolate Bouquet
Bouquet Of Goodness

Rs. 720  Rs. 600

Luxurious Chocolate Treat Chocolate Bouquet
Luxurious Chocolate Treat

Rs. 430  Rs. 360

Kiss Bear with Chocolate BouquetKiss Bear With Chocolates

Rs. 1250  Rs. 1050

Valentine Classic Chocolate BouquetValentine Classic

Rs. 1100   Rs. 925

Happiness Hamper Chocolate BouquetHappiness Hamper

Rs. 335   Rs. 280

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Cozy Love Celebration
Cozy Love Celebration

Rs. 1450   Rs. 1200

Sweet Love Hamper
Sweet Love Hamper

 Rs. 1300   Rs. 1080

Just For Your Sweetheart
Just For Your Sweetheart

Rs. 985   Rs. 820

Chocoliciois Delight - Valentine Day Gift Basket
Chocoliciois Delight

Rs. 915   Rs. 760

I Love You Hamper - Valentine Day Gifts
I Love You Hamper

Rs. 850   Rs. 700

Falling in Love - Valentine Gifts
Falling in Love

Rs. 880   Rs. 665

Crynchy Cookies Combo
Crynchy Cookies Combo

 Rs. 775   Rs. 645

Passionate Love
Passionate Love

Rs. 750   Rs. 630

Adorable Love Basket
Adorable Love Basket

Rs. 685   Rs. 570

Lovers Basket - Valentine Day Gift Basket
Lovers Basket

Rs. 800   Rs. 650

Luxurious Chocolates With Teddy - Valentine Day Gift HampersChocolates With Teddy

Rs. 960   Rs. 800

Basket of Delight - Valentine Day Gift BasketBasket of Delight

Rs. 1730   Rs. 1340

The Joy Hamper - Valentine Day Gifts
The Joy Hamper

Rs. 1165   Rs. 970

Chocolaty Combo
Chocolaty Combo

Rs. 1365   Rs. 1135

Chocolaty Platter

Rs. 935   Rs. 780

Silver Choco Delight

Rs. 1275  Rs. 1060

Scrumptious Delight

Rs. 1190  Rs. 990

Chocolate Heaven

Rs. 1100  Rs. 925

Special Assortments

Rs. 975  Rs. 810

Assorted Choconuts

Rs. 1050  Rs. 950

Yummy Chocolate Box

Rs. 785   Rs. 655

Love Lock Chocolate Box

Rs. 500  Rs. 450

Ultimates Chocolates

Rs. 450  Rs. 450

Just Temptations

Rs. 275  Rs. 275

Ultimate Chocolates
Ultimates Chocolates

Rs. 180  Rs. 180

Other Valentine's Day Offerings

Other Offerings for Valentines Day

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Chocolate Bouquets Online

If you are looking for unusual gifts to give, there are many ways to express yourself. You can choose to give traditional gifts, or you can make a statement with a truly special gift. If you want to say thank you or let someone know how truly special you think they really are, nothing says it like chocolate bouquets. Not only are they delicious, but these gourmet gifts are treasured by people in every walk of life.

They will not wither, fade or die like a bouquet of flowers. If gift giving is about helping others enjoy some of the simpler pleasures of life, then by giving chocolates, you are giving an opportunity to enjoy of the tastiest gifts one can receive. Not only are chocolate bouquets pleasing to the eyes, but also to the taste buds. They let everyone know how sweet you really are and how much you care about them.

Chocolate Hampers

A chocolate bouquet will make a perfect table settings for birthday parties, wedding receptions, Mother's Day, retirement parties, anniversary celebrations, Valentines Day or corporate events. They can also be the perfect gift for a Birthday, as a Get Well gift, and 'I'm Sorry' message, or a simple and innovative way of expressing your love for that special someone.

A new mum or dad would just be thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift of chocolate bouquets. Impress your new love interest or your partner with a delicious bouquet of chocolates. The occasions on when a chocolate bouquet is appropriate as a gift are endless. Hence, check out our exotic galore of Chocolate Bouquets and give your loved ones a sweet treat forever

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