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Welcome to Monginis
Welcome to Monginis

Monginis wide range of Packaged Cakes!!!

Mumbai, July 2012: The Indian Cakes industry is widely acknowledged by Indians in the last few years.  There has been a growing acceptance amongst the masses to consider cakes as an integral part of their lives. Similarly “Monginis” which is the fastest growing cake company in India offer its patrons melt-in-mouth packaged cakes to satiate their buds. We are on a continuous roll to formulate best standard quality products and give our valuable customers the utmost sense of satisfaction, taste and pleasure.

In terms of growth, “Monginis” is making continuous efforts to keep up with the competitive market and gaining quick acceptance amongst our customers. With the aid of superior technology and skilled professionals, we have been manufacturing 40+ SKU’s and there is a 50% sales growth every year in our products. Today Monginis has a network of 700+ distributors PAN India and covers 2,00,000 plus outlets.  It is an immense pleasure to see our business expanding and offering unmatched products to our consumers. Talking about our strengths, we have a very well equipped plant located at Dapode, Bhiwandi. The staff potency includes 130 Sales staff in the field which skillfully handles the entire sales transaction of our products.

At present, our products have been supplied to 16 states and are on the roll to supply to the remaining states of India. We also supply our products to retail markets as well modern trade outlets like More’s (Aditya Birla Group), Reliance Fresh, Spencer, Big Bazzar, Hyper Market, D’Mart and many more. Our wide range of products includes cake bars, muffins, cream cake, dessert cakes, plum cakes and seasonal products. After the intensive market research, we have found out that our best selling product is muffins which are made available in single piece, 2 pieces, 4 pieces and 6 pieces. Currently, we are manufacturing 3,00,000 muffins in a day. Also, the recently launched 2 pieces & 4 pieces Muffins in PAN India has had immediate acceptance in the trade and the market, Our focus today is to develop more and more products in Veg category so that we can cater to various different classes of people.

“Monginis” is developing at a rapid growth and is becoming one of the most preferred brands for packaged cakes. Our cakes also make the best gifts when it comes to greeting family, friends and relatives. Moreover, the cakes which we manufacture are distinct not only in quality, but in taste and nutritious as well.

Monginis wide range of packaged cakes:

A Layered cake with a cream in between. So soft that you are drifted away into the land of dreams and fairy tales. Starts from Rs.10/- onwards.
MUFFINS: Taste quality of the muffins is very good and also at reasonable price point. Starts from Rs.5/- onwards.
BAR CAKE: Bar cake looks as beautiful and delicate as they taste. Starts from Rs.20/- onwards.
Plum cakes are delicious and are the big cakes which can be used for special occasions. Starts from Rs.55/- onwards.

SLICE CAKE: A rectangular shaped Sponge cake which transparent packaging. Starts from Rs.5/- onwards.

It’s not just these many but many more to relish…So, Go ahead and relish all the packaged cakes for yourself!

The above packaged cakes are available in regular as well as in pure veg form.

Available at: More’s (Aditya Birla Group), Reliance Fresh, Spencer, Big Bazzar, Hyper Market, D’Mart and many more.