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Welcome to Monginis
Welcome to Monginis

Eggless Cakes

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The number of people who are vegetarian is increasing the world over. In U.S. the vegetarians comprise 4% of the entire population, whereas in UK it is 6%. The largest vegetarian population more than those in the rest of the world put together, is in India. Approximately, 400 million people are vegetarian, comprising 40% of the total population of India. Since eggs are considered non-vegetarian, the vegetarian people cannot eat cakes. A strong belief that the cakes cannot be made without eggs, still exists. And, evenif people are aware that there are eggless cakes, they believe that those will be of inferior quality.

But, no more. At Monginis, we make Eggless Cakes, as good as any cake made with eggs. We have replaced eggs with a pure vegetarian material which imparts almost the same properties to the cake as an egg.

For more eggless cakes, one can check our wide variety of cakes. Almost all our cakes carry 2 icons – red dot and green dot. The red dot stands for non-vegetarian cake meaning it contains eggs. But, the cakes marked with green dot are pure vegetarian cakes and do not contain any egg.