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Welcome to Monginis
Welcome to Monginis

Gifts for Women

Cozy Love Celebration
Ducky Love Hamper

Rs. 538   Rs. 449

Sweet Love Hamper
Chocolate Bicycle

 Rs. 658   Rs. 549

Toffee Love

Rs. 720  Rs. 599

Happy Bear Hamper

Rs. 720  Rs. 599

Falling in Love - Valentine Gifts
Lovers Joy Hamper

Rs. 779   Rs. 599

Mellow Surprise

Rs. 780  Rs. 649

Passionate Love
Close To My Heart

Rs. 780   Rs. 649

Adorable Love Basket
Lovers Basket

Rs. 800   Rs. 650

Cozy Love Celebration
Bunny Bonbon

Rs. 538   Rs. 449

Sweet Love Bird

Rs. 968  Rs. 799

Best Buddy Hamper

Rs. 960  Rs. 799

Love Forever Hamper

Rs. 960  Rs. 799

Chocolaty Hearts Hamper

Rs. 1020  Rs. 849

Santa Claus Hamper

Rs. 1018  Rs. 849

Passionate Love
Heart Beats Hamper

Rs. 1020   Rs. 849

Sweet Teddy Love

Rs. 1080  Rs. 899

The Joy Hamper

Rs. 1165  Rs. 975

Passionate Bunny Hamper

Rs. 1200  Rs. 999

Adorable Duck Hamper

Rs. 1440  Rs. 1199



Chocolate Gifts for Women

Gorgeous Golden Heart

Rs. 840  Rs. 700

Basket Full of Tulips

Rs. 780  Rs. 650

Loveable Tulip Blooms

Rs. 780  Rs. 650

Sweet Stem Roses

Rs. 720  Rs. 600

Baby Special

Rs. 600  Rs. 500


Rs. 540  Rs. 450



Cakes with Flowers for Women

Sweet Basket of Love - Valentine Day Cake Hampers
Sweet Basket of Love

Rs. 1850   Rs. 1550

Dearly Delightful Gift Hamper
Dearly Delightful Hamper

Rs. 1600   Rs. 1350

Love Treat - Valentine day flowers & cakes
Love Treat

Rs. 1250   Rs. 1050

Blooming Roses With Cake - Gift Hamper
Blooming Roses With Cake

Rs. 1050   Rs. 880

Sweet Treat Gift Hamper
Sweet Treat

Rs. 900   Rs. 750

Flowers for Women


Romantic Flowers Vase

Rs. 920  Rs. 760

Gerbera Orchid Tango

Rs. 1080  Rs. 900

Yellow Gerbera Twist

Rs. 1230  Rs. 1020

Red Roses Temptation

Rs. 945  Rs. 785

Red Petal Rose Basket

Rs. 945  Rs. 785

Lovely Roses with Teddy

Rs. 1095  Rs. 910

Rose Lily Tenderness

Rs. 1085  Rs. 905

Elegance Bouquet

Rs. 795  Rs. 660

Gerbera Glow

Rs. 685  Rs. 570

Lush Gerberas

Rs. 770  Rs. 640

Pretty Pink Roses

Rs. 830  Rs. 690

Carnations Medley

Rs. 1060  Rs. 880

Luxurious Roses Bunch

Rs. 830  Rs. 690

Mix Carnations

Rs. 1250  Rs. 1040

Purple Orchids

Rs. 1250  Rs. 1040

Basket of Affection

Rs. 985  Rs. 820

Bouquet Of Romance

Rs. 985  Rs. 820

Roses Of Love

Rs. 940  Rs. 780

Gerbera Surprise

Rs. 1585  Rs. 1320

Loving Roses & Lilies

Rs. 1585  Rs. 1320

Irresistable Roses

Rs. 1395  Rs. 1160

Heart Of Roses

Rs. 1585  Rs. 1320

Pleasing Pink Roses

Rs. 1915  Rs. 2595

Passionate Red Roses

Rs. 2740  Rs. 2280

Stunning Mix Rose Bouquet
 Stunning Mix Rose Bouquet

Rs. 1180 Rs. 980

Red Treat
Red Treat

 Rs. 1135 Rs. 945

Bright Gerbera & Lilies
Bright Gerbera & Lilies

Rs. 1060 Rs. 880

Fresh Pink Carnations
Fresh Pink Carnations

Rs. 1035 Rs. 860

Orchids Galore
Orchids Galore

Rs. 1140 Rs. 950

Basket Full Of RosesClassic Roses with Orchid 

Rs. 1030 Rs. 860

Basket Full Of Roses
Basket Full Of Roses

Rs. 1025 Rs. 855


Best Gifts for Women in India

International Women's Day, on March 8th, is the biggest day of the year to simply celebrate women. This major day is celebrated annually around the world, to reflect women's economic, political and social achievements – both historically and up to the present day. However, are you searching for that picture perfect moment with the most special woman in your life? Perhaps you have run out of ideas for gifts for women, especially since women's day is not your run of the mill celebration, unlike birthdays or anniversaries.

When it comes to Women’s Day gifts, you don't have to know this year's theme, one thing is always constant - today is about empowerment, appreciation and celebration of the contributions that women have given to society in general, to the basic family unit and to the people in their lives. There are many women’s day gift ideas which will create a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the woman of your life! A woman can be anyone, you mom, your sister, your daughter, your spouse, your girlfriend and so on.. It is the day to please them with wonderful gifts and show your love and affection towards them.

Chocolates, though cliché, makes one of the most indulging gifting idea. One can never go wrong with chocolates. If you send her a massive chocolate bouquet than you can definitely score more points. Similarly, sending a surprise cake of her favorite flavor and shape to her house or office will definitely leave her in awe. You can also embrace her with roses and orchids and make her feel beautiful from within. We have exclusive range of gifts for your woman. Just browse through our gifts categories, choose the most desirable gift and appreciate all her efforts in your life