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Engagement Cakes

Engagement CakesEngagement is a festive ceremony involving the fiance's and fiancée's families, relatives and friends, arranged in advance.

The engagement is considered very important, and in some parts of the world, even more important than the wedding itself.

Usually, the ceremony is hosted by the family from the fiancee’s side. Well before the engagement day, each family chooses its representative from its side.  The representatives can be elderly family members or friends.  The representative from the fiance’s side proposes, requesting for fiancée's hand in marriage for the fiancé and then the fiancé and fiancée exchange rings, signifying confirmation of the proposal.

A small feast is also arranged in most of the cases and the invitees offer their blessings to the fiancé and fiancée along with gifts.

In addition to solemnizing the engagement ceremony, a further course of action is also decided like a date and time for the wedding ceremony.  Traditionally, the date and time of wedding are chosen based on the fiance's and fiancée's dates and hours of birth, but in a fast-paced society, such as that of the United States, it's usually a matter of convenience.  So, almost any good weekend is okay.