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Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday CakeYou can now say Happy Birthday to your loved ones with a delectable birthday cake from Monginis!
Our ranges of luscious Happy Birthday Cakes are known to make birthdays brighter, sweeter and more memorable.

All our birthday cakes are beautifully decorated, delicious to eat and available at a reasonable price. They are delicately crafted by our expert chefs and confectioners using only the best ingredients. Our cakes are guaranteed to add magic and joy to any birthday celebration.

Our Gift-A-Cake delivery service will now let you surprise your family and friends across India. We will deliver your birthday cake in an elegant cake box.

Our delightful cake ideas will make perfect birthday gifts for your loved ones and make their day extra special.

Do remember that only the finest and purest ingredients go into every cake we deliver.

Buy Happy Birthday Cakes

You can choose from our wide selection of decadent and mouthwateringly delicious happy birthday cakes. Surprise your chocolate-lover friends with our Chocolate Truffle Cake or our Zebra Torte. Their rich layers of soft, spongy cake laden with a smooth and delicious rich chocolate melt in the mouth.
Vanilla fans will find joy in our Vanilla Happy Birthday Cake.  It’s delicate Vanilla flavor and creamy texture is sure to delight and tantalize.

Our creamy Hawaiian Pineapple Express is magnificent dreams come true for all Pineapple lovers. Laden with succulent wedges of fresh pineapple, this cake is filled with the softest and purest whipped cream and still as light as feather.

The generous golden caramel frosting and nutty texture of our Butter Scotch Caramel Cake will fascinate all your friends who fancy caramel and butterscotch.

And our fresh Pistachio cake with its rich, classy flavor will be an elegant way to say Happy Birthday to all those who enjoy pistachios.

We know how kids love birthdays and birthday cakes. Our range of happy birthday cakes will make them feel very special. Our Dutch Brownie cake with its luxurious coat of smooth dark chocolate covering a brownie base is number 1 on any kid’s birthday wish list. And our premium Black Forest and Hum Tum cakes are great gift ideas for 1st birthdays.

Birthday Cake Home Delivery

Order your Happy Birthday cakes online at an extremely affordable price. Our Gift-A-Cake delivery service will deliver them to your loved ones on their special day.