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Kids Birthday Cakes

Kids Birthday CakesFor kids,birthdays are days full of magic and wonder. They love to be surprised.And simply love cakes as gifts.

Kids’birthday cakes always make splendid birthday gifts for children. They never fail to add magic and wonder to any kid’s birthday. Your child will feel wonderful as he or she blows the candles out and carefully cuts a birthday cake while everyone gathers around and sings Happy Birthday.

Kids love birthday cakes that have a theme or idea. They find such cakes all the more fun. They simply love cakes that are well-decorated or covered with frosting and icing.

They adore and relish birthday cakes that are made with their favorite chocolate. And a delicious chocolate birthday cake is something that all kids will remember forever.

You can now make your kid’s birthday extra special by gifting him any of kids’ birthday cake from Monginis.
Order any one of our kids’ birthday cakesonline. Our Gift-A-Cake delivery service will be happy to deliver them on your behalf.

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All our kids’ cakes have been crafted keeping kids’ favorite flavors in mind. Chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, pistachio, butterscotch, caramel and vanilla - our chefs and confectioners have thought of all the flavors that kids simply love.

Or order any one of our Numerical Birthday Cakes. They are great gift ideas for the littler ones. Your kids will be delighted to see their birthday cakes shaped like their age.

Our Numerical Birthday Cake shaped like a Number 1 is a very popular idea for a gift for a child’s 1st birthday.

Kids also love seeing their birthday cakes shaped like their initials. Our Alphabet Cakes filled with a delicious frosting will surely surprise and please them. Or send our Hum Tum Boy or Girl cakes to your kids. Seeing their favorite characters on their birthday cakes will put a broad smile on their little faces.

You can also delight the little ones with a Pistachio cake or a Butterscotch Caramel cake surprise. Send them our Hawaii Pineapple or Fruit Glazed Cake and watch their eyes grow wide.

Order and send any cake from our special selection of kids’ birthday cakes. Our chefs and confectioners will craft them lovingly using the finest ingredients. All our kids’ birthday cakes come at a reasonable price. Our delivery team will carefully pack them in an elegant gift box and deliver them to your kids.


Kids Birthday Cakes