Corporate Social Responsibility

Monginis is committed to finding innovative ways to minimize the impact that it has on the environment while giving back and contributing to the community that is an integral part of our success. We would like to achieve this by investing our time, effort and money in three areas:

A) Green & Sustainable Processes


Solar Panels At Monginis - CSR Activity

  • Solar Panels: Our new solar energy project creates a clean and reliable source of energy for all of our factories by reducing our dependency on traditional energy sources.
  • Air Conditioning Systems: Our air conditioning systems have been programmed to recycle heat to our boilers in order to reduce thermal waste.
  • Ovens: Our ovens are equipped with gas and electric burners in an attempt to reduce carbon emission.
  • Industrial Waste: Our no-waste policy dictates that any consumable food waste is used for chicken or cattle feed.
  • Waste Management System: Our hi-tech waste management system employ ETP and ATP plants to ensure harmful wastes are neutralized before being released into the sewage system.
  • Tree Planting: We plant trees around Monginis factories and surrounding communities in order to absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses in the atmosphere and simultaneously release oxygen.

B) Community Outreach

  • NSDC: Monginis is a proud and official partner of the National Skill Development Council of India. Our contribution of one of our state-of-the-art facilities within a Monginis factory allows for the promotion of baking sciences and training as part of college curriculums.
  • Mongiland: In an effort to educate the youth of India, we have opened up our factory for children to learn about different facets of our business. From hygiene to processing and baking to packaging, children will be able to learn it all. Our educational video and hands on training will promote a love for learning and serve to broaden the horizons of children who visit Mongiland.

C) Our Staff

  • Training: Life-long learning is something we promote heavily at Monginis. Our staff and team members enjoy the benefit of year-round training programs which include communication and vocational skills. They are also trained on the ISO 22000 standards and manufacturing best practices.
  • Subsidies: Our staff also enjoys the additional benefit of educational subsidies for their children.
  • Meal Plan: A highly subsidized meal plan is also offered to all Monginis employees.
  • Loans: Monginis employees are also in a unique position to avail of interest free loans that the company offers to its staff and team members.