Meet Our Team 

Meet the reputed team of Brand Monginis. This highly-skilled, enthusiastic team makes it all happen!

This core team of professionals who have experiences ranging from 10 years - 30 years into the industry is the driving force behind more than 5000 employees of Monginis across the country.

These domain experts bring the best practices in the industry and are never short of adapting to cutting-edge technology available in the world today.

These leaders are grooming a much larger team under them who are shaping up to lead teams under them. The faces below not only represent their departments, but also a hard-working team under them, who are working day and night to ensure the success of Brand Monginis. Behind each face are hundreds of faces working hand in hand as one to make sure Monginis is part of every celebration across the nation. 

Monginis wishes its customers & employees Happiness in their lives & careers! Cheers!