Welcome to Mongiland: Where kids can bake their cake and eat it too!

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Take a tour with the delightful Mr. Mongini to see the inner workings of our top-secret magical land of mouth-watering cupcakes, delectable swiss rolls, scrumptious cakes, and lip-smacking pastries. This one-of-a kind journey will not only delight their senses with the smells of freshly-baked cakes but will allow to them to gain hands-on knowledge of a working factory, machinery, and baking. Additionally, they will learn important elements such as hygiene, cleanliness, the importance of fresh and quality ingredients, health benefits and the nutritional value of all of the Monginis products. They will get to observe how cupcakes are made by the hundreds of thousands! They will experience the technology behind Monginis’ scrumptious Swiss Rolls. Boys and girls will learn about the importance of a birthday celebration and the requisite birthday cake. Most importantly, your children will have the unique experience of decorating cakes with skilled and professional factory workers as they join an actual production line in the factory. This excursion will broaden their horizons and give them the opportunity to gain knowledge in a professional setting.

Each child will leave laden with a Monginis brand Tiffin and a Certificate highlighting their baking accomplishments.

Your child will leave not only with unforgettable memories of a fun-filled and informative day, but also with their very own “Baker’s Certification” to display in their homes and show family members in remembrance of their day with us! 

For further inquiries please email us on: mongiland@monginis.net 

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Mongiland Brochure


Monginis Cake Factory Caravan

Which kid doesn’t love cake?! Monginis wants kids to get involved in the process of something they love by giving them the hands-on experience of baking a cake in a professional setting. Children, during their tour of the factory and its Monginis facilities, will be given the opportunity to bake a cake with skilled professionals from start to finish. This includes learning about the ingredients that go into baking a cake and where they come from, observing the machinery that mixes the batter, monitoring the ovens that bake the cakes, cutting the sponge, shaping the cakes, and finally, decorating and icing the cakes. The children will also get to experience unique technologies and processes, such as printing photos on cakes. This experience gives the children a sense of excitement and satisfaction to be able to build something from start to finish and, in the end, be allowed to enjoy the final product. The cherry on the proverbial cake is when the kids get to take their decorated cake home to their families!

Mongiland Excursion

Imagine a land filled with rivers of chocolate, flowers made of cake, gardens of cupcakes and muffins, and sweets and pastries galore. The kids who visit Mongiland don’t have to imagine much, for Mr. Mongini will introduce them to a land of sweets, cakes and pastries and a short video, exploring Mongiland and all it has to offer. With its extremely creative effort to educate kids, Monginis has created an educational video to highlight the process of making a cake, proper hygiene, ingredients, and health aspects of their products, including a special section on eggless pastries and cakes. It is presented to the children in an easy-to-grasp, informative, and fun way to make for an all-inclusive experience at Mongiland!