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Welcome to Monginis
Welcome to Monginis

Christmas Gift Hampers

Royal Plum Regular Cake Hamper - Regular
Royal Plum Regular Cake H
Rs. 670  Rs. 549
Royal Plum Veg Cake Hamper - Eggless
Royal Plum Veg Cake Hampe
Rs. 670  Rs. 549
Festive Plum Cakes Hamper - Regular
Festive Plum Cakes Hamper
Rs. 670  Rs. 549
Plum Cake - Regular
Plum Cake
Rs. 165  Rs. 135
Choco Walnut Brownie Cake - Regular
Choco Walnut Brownie Cake
Rs. 120   Rs. 100
Chocolaty Treats Hamper - Regular
Chocolaty Treats Hamper
Rs. 360  Rs. 299
Season Feast Hamper - Regular
Season Feast Hamper
Rs. 360  Rs. 299
Santa Gift Hamper - Regular
Santa Gift Hamper
Rs. 720  Rs. 599
Ultimates Assorted Premium Cookies - Eggless
Ultimates Assorted Premiu
Rs. 359   Rs. 299
Chocolate Rocks - Eggless
Chocolate Rocks
Rs. 479  Rs. 399
Imperia Assorted Premium Cookies - Eggless
Imperia Assorted Premium
Rs. 540  Rs. 449
Bar Cake & Swiss Roll - Regular
Bar Cake & Swiss Roll
Rs. 539  Rs. 449
Twin Pack & Bar Cake Hamper - Regular
Twin Pack & Bar Cake Hamp
Rs. 499   Rs. 399
Plum & Bar Cake Hamper - Regular
Plum & Bar Cake Hamper
Rs. 549  Rs. 449
Mawa Bar Cake + Chooco Chip Bar Cake + Walnut Banana Bar Cake + Cheese Bar Cake - Eggless
Mawa Bar Cake + Chooco Ch
Rs. 400  Rs. 320
Mawa Bar Cake + Cheese Bar Cake - Eggless
Mawa Bar Cake + Cheese Ba
Rs. 200  Rs. 160
Choco Chip Bar Cake + Walnut Banana Bar Cake - Eggless
Choco Chip Bar Cake + Wal
Rs. 200   Rs. 160
Walnut Banana Bar Cake + Cheese Bar Cake - Eggless
Walnut Banana Bar Cake +
Rs. 200  Rs. 160
Mawa Bar Cake + Choco Chip Bar Cake - Eggless
Mawa Bar Cake + Choco Chi
Rs. 200  Rs. 160
Premium Bar Veg Hamper - Eggless
Premium Bar Veg Hamper
Rs. 540  Rs. 449
Muffins Veg Hamper - Eggless
Muffins Veg Hamper
Rs. 480   Rs. 399
Swiss Roll Hamper - Regular
Swiss Roll Hamper
Rs. 480  Rs. 399
Assorted Cake Hamper - Regular
Assorted Cake Hamper
Rs. 480  Rs. 399
Bar & Muffins Veg Hamper - Eggless
Bar & Muffins Veg Hamper
Rs. 480  Rs. 399
Dundee - Regular
Rs. 180  Rs. 150
Chocolaty Indulgence Hamper - Regular
Chocolaty Indulgence Hamp
Rs. 600  Rs. 499

Buy Plum Cakes Online

Plum cake is the favorite dessert for Christmas. It is also commonly known as Christmas cake. In India, Christmas celebration can never be complete without savoring plum cake. It is one of the best items in sweets which are exchanged with near and dear ones during festive season. It is moist, dark brown cake with plenty of nuts and dried fruits in it. The cake is indeed tasty, yummy, deliciously rich and tempting.

From kids to adults all can enjoy plum cakes because it has a peculiar taste and aroma which definitely tickles the taste buds! This cake is made up of finest of ingredients which makes it soft, fluffy and pleasurable to eat. Plum cakes, are the most  popular gifting item during Christmas, New Years and other festivities. Usually, it is common during Christmas – which falls in winter season because it contains ingredients which helps to keep your body warm. However, with great ideas and innovations of ingredients you can also prepare eggless plum cakes which are as tasty and delicious as the regular plum cake.

In our gifting portal, you can find galore of regular and eggless plum cake to please your loved ones this Christmas. Choose the most desirable cake from our collection and let the recipient know how much you love him or her and how special he or she is for you!!