Monginis & Mom-ents: Happy Mother’s Day, 2024 

As Mother’s Day nears, our hearts turn to those who held our hands and taught us to walk. Let’s celebrate their journeys!

Maa me school se aagai, where is my favourite dress Maa? Mujhe nind ni aarahi hai lori sunao na, Maa aaj khane me kya hai?? Maa…  – Beloved Children ( Beti or Beta ) 

Mother’s Day whispers on the breeze, reminding us of the women who stood beside us from the very beginning. These mothers, who patiently taught us to walk, Eat, Write and so much more… deserve our deepest gratitude. Let’s celebrate their unwavering support and the lifelong impact they’ve had on our lives this Mother’s Day. 

Maa ki Lullabiyon ki Mithas

Mother's Day

In hushed nights, Maa’s lullaby wove magic. Her voice, a sweet melody, painted dreams. Each touch whispered love, a promise of safe slumber. This Mother’s Day, celebrate Maa’s magic with Monginis cakes. Sweeten her day as she sweetened yours. Monginis – for a mom’s special day.

Maa ke Hath ka Swaad 

Mother's Day

In every bite of Maa ke Hath ka Swaad, a symphony of love unfolds. The familiar aroma, a memory waiting to be savoured, takes you back to childhood moments. Each dish, crafted with care and seasoned with affection, nourishes the soul as much as the body. It’s a taste that transcends mere ingredients, whispering stories of countless meals shared, laughter exchanged, and love overflowing. This Mother’s Day, celebrate Maa’s magic with Monginis. Shower her with desserts as delicious and heartwarming as her cooking. Monginis – for a taste of love, just like Maa makes it.

Maa ke Saath, Baghban ki Kahani

Childhood memories bloom in the shade of a tree planted with Maa. From laughter echoing through the branches to stories whispered beneath the leaves, our bond with Maa blossomed in nature’s embrace. This Mother’s Day, create new memories with Monginis. Take Maa on a picnic, a sweet treat in hand, and celebrate the enduring love that grows stronger with time. Monginis – for a Mother’s Day as delightful as a childhood spent with Maa.

Magic Starts with MA – Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Cake

Remember when Mom brought you your first birthday cake from Monginis? This Mother’s Day, it’s your turn to return the favour with a sweet surprise from Monginis…A Monginis cake is more than just a dessert; it symbolises our love, gratitude, and appreciation for the incredible women who have shaped our lives. It’s a way to say, “Thank you, Mom, for everything you do.

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